artists in family portraiture

It will shock you to find out that even some of our most famous clients are very nervous about having their portraits taken. That's why we often make fools of ourselves while photographing you and your kids and why casual attire will make you feel more relaxed. Our job then is to reveal the pearl withing each of you. We welcome all families of all backgrounds and especially single parents who sometimes feel excluded. Pets are welcome too as long as they're part of the shoot and you're happy to keep them under control for an hour.

We have been photographing the titled and famous since the 1960's and many of them are household names who are recommended to us over the years by people who count on our discretion. The finished framed prints are Fine Art Giclee prints, light fast for over 100 years, so the archival quality of the papers and pigment inks play a vital role. Our printers are passionate about their work and have the papers independantly tested for their archival quality and choose their printing technology and paper selections based on findings from Wilhelm Imaging Research. You can find out more at www.wilhelm-research.comĀ 

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